Cleaning & Disinfection

Cleanliness creates an optimal environment for growth and health.

Cleanliness has a direct link to poultry health and can have an impact on the success of your flock. We offer a number of products which will support the health of your farm.

Cleaning and disinfection of housing and equipment is probably the single most important factor in maintaining the health and productivity of housed poultry.

Bowden & Knights can offer independent advice and an effective product range to achieve the highest standards of hygiene throughout the house.

Cleaning & Disinfection Products


We stock a range of heavy-duty detergents with powerful cleaning properties. Some of our multi-purpose detergents are also non-staining, non-tainting and can be used through pressure washing and 
spraying systems.


We stock a range of disinfectants to suit your needs, including DEFRA approved disinfectants. Our products kill bacteria, viruses and fungi and offers much more.


Fumigation can be an effective process to prevent contamination. By disinfecting large areas you provide protection to your flock and hatching eggs.

Water Sanitisers

If your water isn’t clean, it becomes the perfect carrier of bugs and can become easily contaminated. Our water sanitisers contain highly effective properties to keep your water clean and stabilised.

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