Housing Equipment

Create the ideal housing system for your flock.

We supply a range of high-quality products to optimise animal environments.

Poultry farm controls

Modern poultry housing requires a sophisticated range of electrical and mechanical equipment, and Bowden & Knights can supply it all. In fact, supply is only half the story: we can also undertake anything from control panel repairs to the design and installation of lighting and ventilation systems.

Housing Equipment Products


Let there be light… in your poultry sheds. We stock a variety of lighting options to support your needs.


We stock a large variety of spares for a range of our products, so if you ever have a problem we may be able to help.

Ventilation & Heating

Air quality is becoming more significant in today’s society.
 In agriculture, it’s been proven that well-ventilated housing can significantly improve 
animal health.


The correct tools for the right job can make a big difference, contact us today to find out how we can enhance your tool collection.

Egg Care

From egg detergents to egg candlers, we stock a range of egg care products to help you protect and care for your eggs.

Measuring Equipment

Monitoring bird & egg weight, checking temperature and testing the environment are all important activities to ensure a healthy flock and we can supply all the equipment you require.

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