Pest Control

Protect your poultry with productive pest control.

With the advice, experience and the product range that Bowden & Knights can offer, you can keep all of these problems under control.

It can be common that insects, such as flies and red mites, can depress productivity and spread disease to your flock. Your feed can also be under threat from mice and rats that could consume and contaminate.

We provide a range of products to help you create an optimal environment which includes insecticides, rodenticides and weedkillers.

Pest Control Products


It’s common knowledge that a variety of insects can cause havoc for farmers of any industry, particularly in poultry.


We don’t need to tell you how rodents can affect your environment, spreading disease, contamination etc…
Whether you’re looking to prevent this from happening or you’re experience problems, 
we can help.


Allow weeds to flourish around housing, and you create a haven for insects and rodents, as well as concealing the places where they can gain access. Creating a clean and weed free environment is essential of a healthy flock.

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