Poultry Health

Keeping your flock fit and healthy.

We’ve been in business for over 30 years so we know a thing or two about poultry health. Our expert advice and high-quality product range can support your flocks.

Poultry health is of the upmost importance to us here at Bowden & Knights. We understand that your profits and success can depend on the health of your chickens. Our years of industry knowledge has helped us to refine our product range to a comprehensive selection of equipment which can support poultry health.

We can supply a wide range of products to keep your flock fit, healthy and free from parasites and infectious diseases.

Poultry Health Products

Anti-pecking Spray

Feather-pecking can occur at any time, whether you have a new flock, or its started occurring randomly. We provide a wide range of products to prevent your chickens from pecking each other.

Feed Supplements

Poultry feeding efficiency is key to a healthy, growing flock. Providing a well-rounded diet is essential and here at Bowden and Knights we stock a range of feed supplements packed with vitamins, minerals and much more.

Shell & Grit

Our range of shell & grit can provide numerous benefits to your flock. We stock a range of soluble and insoluble grit to meet all the needs of your flock. All poultry require grit which is why we have different grits for a range of birds, including young and growing chicks.


Building up an immunity in your flock can be an effective way of preventing infection which can be detrimental to any farm. We supply a range of vaccines to suit your needs.


Poultry vitamins play an important role in overall health of your flock. We have a range of high-quality vitamins available aimed at preventing poor growth and improving egg production.


Our easy to use wormers are available to those with few or many chickens, turkeys or geese.

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